Friday, April 15, 2005

Dool Alley

Write back Tim! It's been a week. Are all those fences needing creosoting keeping you busy. The Great Fence of Mann!

Listening to Zig Zag Wanderer by Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band

That loose bass sound is so good; you can almost see the flaky way those strings vibrate and still they seem tight, totally fitting in with the rest of the song. It's not actually that weird this album; there is a lot of rhythm and melody but the future is there. We have changed to Souvlaki Space Station. Bliss out! See you in a few minutes.

And we're back.

Mantua City Wall Regulations

At the city gate, the paid translators fight for trade,
a need of language passed between as business,
outlaws running, love affairs those lost in love that needs
no dialect or common words save love and love itself.

We could be further, into time the same as distance
making all familiar places strange and dangerous
as separation tears and breaks our hands apart,
a live dissection in plain sight of each and each as one.

Here is a crash of hands, a jamboree for commerce
where the un-worldy fall into the human currents,
lifted away together through the crowds to earth,
with all that overlooked and messy weaponry.

This was going to be part of the long poem for Genie but it got away from me. Not very good is it? One of the lines was done in a rush.

Is it me, or is Frank Sidebottom going grey? It comes to us all but I though he'd last a bit longer. I think we are in Mornington Crescent territory - ie don't talk about it. Try the game. I didn't win

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