Thursday, February 24, 2005

Halt! Who goes there?

Before I actually went to look at this, my wife told me that it was a meteorite, which I could not quite believe, as I am sure such a large space rock would be in a museum somewhere. I also suspect that such an object would have been plundered for souvenirs and vanished long ago.

I suppose the sad interpretation one could put on my locality having had a rock presented to it is that I live in a very boring area but it is actually quite interesting as Stephen Fry would have it. Not as interesting as a meteorite though.

These are my daughter's windmills. They power the docks and the project management she must have put into getting them commissioned and built is amazing. I never saw her go to any meetings but still they got put up. Notice the whacking great kite lying on the sand in the foreground. Not quite as whacking as the ones in Bali. I can place the photos of those so you may get a post. Are you still waiting for the other windmill? I am carrying out painstakingly intricate digital editing on the photo to reconstruct what it would have looked like when it had sails.

Ho Hum!

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