Friday, February 04, 2005

Whatever Happened to System A, System B, System ... ?


Guess where I used to live.

Spot the same man on the bridge twice. I used the panorama function and he was walking. The Bridge is the road bridge at Upton-Upon-Severn which was opened in 1940. The telephone exchange is not actually System X but a good old Strowger at the Avoncroft building museum. And yes, I did used to live in that twee cottage. I posted a very old picture some time ago but this one is only a few months old. Top left used to be my bedroom. You cannot see it here but on the left, there is a small two-storey extension. The downstairs of this was a utility room but upstairs had no access from inside the house. There was a door to it half way up the wall but you had to climb a ladder to get to it. Of course we called it the secret room and filled it with soldiers and lego and a very cool Bulgarian Political poster, which I regret, losing in the move. I actually bought the poster in Bulgaria though I can't work out how. I tried to buy a newspaper in one shop and was refused with a shake of the head. Of course I now know that in Bulgaria the head movements for yes and no are reversed. Wonder what the shopkeeper though about me wandering off without picking up what I wanted. I thought it was some Soviet thing about not letting local news out of the Balkans.

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