Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bliss Out

Listening to the 5 EP by Slowdive

Poem of the day Renascence by Edna St. Vincent Millay

(Her spelling - not mine)

I hear the special sound of Radio Moscow, that strange squeaky Russian and then the stilted English as if the presenter was reading phonetically. It just came to me now. Maybe my fillings are picking up the radio. That makes me think of the empty air just filled with all that radio and TV. So much information in space. The world is such a fascinating place with so much to wonder at and we have to make up things to explain it. My wife tells me that I have to look for a scientific explanation for everything but when the science is so much more jaw-droppingly interesting than the airy-fairy guff that humans make up to account for anything that they can't understand then I'm with science. There are still enough things unexplained by science to make the Universe interesting enough for me. Having said that, there are so many things that have been understood that I do not yet understand.

Excuse the long sentences. I'll catch myself using the word 'Cognizant' by the end of the day. Oh Damn! I already have.

I hope that 'z' is correct.

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