Tuesday, March 01, 2005

We All Know That Purple Cows Can't Fly

Now is all this about Arthur Ransome just obfuscation? I was aware of his links with the intelligence services; his autobiography talks about it a bit but I thought we had just decided that he was working for us. Now it seems he could have been working for either them or us AND them. It's all so confusing. I suppose there should have been a clue when Roger says 'Stop being so beastly you rotters! Remember that the Purple Cow is flying over Leningrad tonight so there nah!'

Amongst other things, The Ascent Of Man is finally out on DVD. I think I enthused about it some time ago though that was for the book. At 26 quid, a snip. Bronowski's voice is up there as one of those authoritative though sometimes soporific narrations which are a major part of the joy of the show being narrated. Jonathan Miller, David Attenburough and the New boys like Dan Cruickshank. Talking of Mr Cruickshank, it was brave of him to choose the Seagram Building as his treasure from New York over such delights as the Chrysler Building (my favourite) or the Empire State. Having now seen the interior of the Seagram building, it did seem to have just the 'right' proportion, all Golden Ratio and Vitruvian Man tracings no doubt.

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