Tuesday, February 22, 2005

From the Mental Notebook

Things to write about today - if I get around to them all.

Dan Cruickshank, the Lucky Blighter
Taschen art book of 40s/50s Travel posters
Rubbish Copyrighting

There was something else but I have forgotten it. Maybe it will come back to me after a spot of casserole.

Back to the Lucky Blighter. The Radio Times led me to believe than Mr Cruickshank's contributions were nothing more than "My Goodness" and "Oh My Word" and that it was only the beauty of the artefacts he was describing that allowed the programme to work. Rubbish. We might have learned a bit more if it had been David Starkey or Simon Schama but it would all have seemed a bit clinical. But with Dan Cruickshank, you get the impression that he feels the same today as he did when seeing versions of the Easter Island Moai when he was very small. I was worried that to get through all the 80 treasures in the 150 days allowed, we would feel a bit rushed but there was none of that. The travelling was suggested well in the editing without being overwhelming. I know some people are against the falseness of contracting 150 days of travelling into six or eight hours of TV but would you watch something that long? I've just thought of Big Brother or IACGMOOH. Yes! People will watch. I'm with Dan.

Right! Next one. I found a mint condition Taschen Art book in Help The Aged at the weekend. It's called See the World and isn't the Taschen site good? My daughter, who has not yet got to the Nike and Hilfiger stage of fashion, was pleased to find two Laura Ashley dresses as well and everything came in under a tenner. Fifty Quid Man? Where's he live?

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