Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Snakecharmer General

A serious article or how various forms of fundamentalism are stifling forward movement in science and a not-so-serious one – Simon Hoggart’s yearly review of round robin letters, this year amusingly done as a round robin letter.

As goes the first, I am not sure that many schools actually teach anything about creationism alongside standard evolution. There have been one or two high-profile cases of this in religious schools. If my daughter comes home and says it is the case I would feel like storming in and asking for a religious exemption. Lord May also warns about climate-change deniers; even the US Government seems to be making noises that admit the tiny possibility of the truth in the theories regarding Global Warming being caused by Human activity rather than flatulent cows. Spellchecker said “cowboys” there which brings to mind Blazing Saddles.

Isn’t a blog just like a rolling round robin? I can see a small, fat bird with a red breast tumbling down a hill. She must be drunk.

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