Thursday, March 31, 2005

No Spelling or Grammar Check - Does It Show?

Yesterday's uncaptioned art was a few seconds' work on the PC and came out satisfyingly like an oil painting. Just thought you should know. Well my list for today is just overflowing. The first entry I have is 'Fill the whole room with Six Pianos'. Now six pianos would fill most rooms - one grand piano would fill most rooms in the majority of poky British houses - but after the post a few days ago you may know I mean Six Pianos (usual warning about 4mb download). I bought the full score yesterday so I can do the whole 20 minutes. Can't wait? Thought not!

What I actually meant was using a 5.1 system to fill the room with the sound of Six Pianos - to have every gap where other sounds could fit closed and the pianos seeming to be everywhere. On some piano recordings you get an artifical sense of space because the mic is placed somewhere just above the strings and there is a pan effect. Not real.

The rest of my list is just rubbish about listening to this album in one go. SO many cheesy synthesizers and drums which sound like a filing cabinet being dropped down a lift shaft. (I heard that on Round Table in about 1984 while walking into Bristol). Some of the mixing was just blatant use of the same synth stab over and over. I don't actually have any of the mixes on the album but the garage has boxes of stuff in a similar style. Since Yesterday by Strawberry Switchblade was a highlight though buying it today would probably get me locked up for crimes against the middle-aged. All those B-Sides called Bonus Beats where the producer simply left the drum machine running and went away for a cup of tea/Pint/Line. They make Six Pianos look complex. Maybe one day I will get to see them all again, the blue vinyl, the picture disks, the see-through plastic 7" from Lush with strange photos of London by some Japanese guy. A weird world that.

I faded out the first piano far to fast didn't I?

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Ed said...

Hoorah for Lloyd Cole, Japan and Monsoon, but where's the 12inch mix of Call Me by Go West that I bought in HMV Norwich while on holiday in a caravan at Mundesley?