Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Thoughts On Thoughts

This morning I said that I had forgotten all the things I wanted to write about here and this prompted me to keep noting things down all morning. Here is the list so far?

If you were the subject of Jagged Little Pill?
Struggling artiste - great work - get money - go rubbish.
Subtleties of the word "rubbish"
Continuous recording of thoughts - self reference.
How Stupid Girl is great song.
My record collection is getting away from me.

Mundane huh? Now I have to explain them all. Of course I should really just filter them but this is just to show you how things work. The list also shows you some of what I was listening to at the time. What I really want to write about today is more stuff on the brain as it fires me up. Unfortunately I don't have the background to properly understand most of what I write about.

I suppose I need to get my thoughts on the subject sorted out.

Quote of the day before I rush off to my new discovery at ScaryDuck.

Just because a family earns over £58,000 pa does not make them 'rich'.

(From the BBC Have Your Say website

I love the quotes around the word rich. It suggests a relativism that is the whole point of the debate. I sometimes feel that the see-saw nature of the debates which appear on Have Your Say define the fact that in most cases everything is straight down the middle - a sort of collective fence sitting. No one is right but everybody is. To the person quoted above, the fact that they had to give up work as all their salary went to pay the nanny is just the result of economic reality. Nannies really are expensive these days - have you noticed? Still maybe we could afford to subsidise nannies more if we stopped the frivolous stuff like hospitals and education or even sending troops abroad all the time. If only we could afford to give our boys the right boots.

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