Thursday, May 13, 2004

Come Out to Show Them Again.

Listening to I Can Hear the Heart beating - Yo La tengo

I need something more structured. I was going to go on about how I have looked back over some old posts and how they appear longer and more focused. Actually I have also noticed some howlers in there which I would have though I would have stopped doing when I was still in my second decade. I am now into my fourth and things are going backwards.

How to write music again? Not musical notation but words that define music. My colleague from Bristol and West (Gareth) had a degree in Divinity and Philosophy I think and introduced to me Godel, Escher, Bach and told me that it was about how music and words are linked together. (He didn't mention the maths at all though maybe that was a given.) I wish I could find a contact for him. I have forgotten his surname. If you know who you are then contact me. I went straight up to George's by the University and got GEB. Now it took me ages to read and most of that was done while laid up in plaster for the summer but I read it and understood some of it as well. I may have to get a new copy as my original one is falling apart badly. Some link between worlds there maybe.

Nothing here either, just same old stuff.

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