Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A Riot In My Home

There is light in the sky in the mornings now. Not very much but it is there. Every year the seasons come around - they will do whatever madness we humans get up to - and yet every year we comment about how the mornings are lighter. It is a need for consistency.

I suppose of course, that we might set off some sort of bomb and make the world slow down or tilt another way but currently that is beyond us. What is not beyond us is dropping our reliance on oil. The Swedes seem to be on the right track here. We should be up there with them rather than floundering in the oil slick created by the mess we left in Palestine. Let the fundementalists on all sides fade into the background when the wells run dry. The main difference between the various fundementalists is that the non-western ones don't seem to get elected. Oops! Maybe I was wrong. Maybe being elected makes them less fundemental. Oops again!

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