Thursday, February 09, 2006

Punky Muzzle

Listening to Another Day On Earth by Brian English National Opera.

Even more light today and a slight feeling of unreality due to a weird dream about me in control of a miniature army of mini-submarines like the one they sent out to sink the Tirpitz. I can’t actually find any pictures to link to but they were like overgrown torpedoes with space for two divers to sit on it and a detachable charge which was stuck to the bottom of the target. I seem to remember that in real life the ‘crew’ of one of these was captured and was actually on the deck when their charge detonated. I think this crippled the ship but it wasn’t actually put out of action until the good old RAF boys (note the descent into ‘gen’ lingo here) bombed it with tallboys. I still marvel at how dropping Chests of Drawers could do any real damage to a ship but there you go. A diversion from the dream. My subs were about 8 inches long and I launched them from one side of some sort of swimming pool though I was intensely aware that the clear water and lack of night cover meant that their progress across the ersatz fjord was always visible to the miniature Kriegsmariners swarming over the target. I look forward to some analysis but you have to be aware that I am not a Freudian and all such analysis will be discounted as flawed and worthless.

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