Friday, February 03, 2006

If You See a Boat You Think May Be in Trouble…

Listening to various Stereolab

Having read this about the Coastguard Public Information Film) I was reminded of this from yesterday’s Material World. I was picturing a hulking-great lump of wood stuffed with state-of-the-art tech – all silver and black – not this organic thing. Quite amazing!

Maybe a little more consideration of the past would be useful in the world as it is. Growth! That’s the thing. I often consider how our present economy would be looked at from the point of view of someone in the fifties or even the thirties. Personally I have too much stuff and though I know I do not need most of it, I just can’t throw much of it away. I was discussing ipods and stuff with my colleague yesterday – all my CDs would not fit on even the largest ipod and to listen to them all would take over thirty days. Even the 10% of the collection on WMP here throws up stuff I haven’t heard for years. Despite this there is no way I could get rid of any CD – even if they were all ripped and backed up. The hard currency of the little silver disk, the jewel case and the sleeve notes makes that impossible. Then there are the limited edition things, with their strange boxes and artwork. 4AD went through a phase of releasing some beautiful limited edition CD boxes – University by Throwing Muses is especially wonderful as is the ladybird-book-sized box for Belly’s second album. What would those poor people in their stark living rooms (TV if you were lucky) make of the clutter that surrounds us? I have an occasional impulse to throw everything but the essentials away but it passes. The kids would hate me forever as well. A certain amount of austerity seems quite attractive.

Shuffle – Shuffle – Shuffle.

Ohh – The Dresses Song by Lisa Germano – heard in Probe Records after work one day where they refused to sell it to me because I was in a suit (Or is that a episode in Julian Cope’s biog?).
Woodland Fairies playing folk through a large amp while trying to assess their various relationships – just … er … abject adjective failure here. Get it!

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