Wednesday, February 08, 2006

ne Aesopum quidem trivit

Listening To :-
Chick Corea

Just the thing for a sunny winter's day though I'd rather be out walking (limping actually but that's a tale for another time).

To keep up some clich├ęs I have mostly been reading this site. Can't remember any of the latin now but hey! When am I going to get a chance to use any of it round here? I want to be clever - I really do. I want to write deep stuff like The Da Vinci Code - stuff with a real foot in reality. Stuff like this random Wednesday:-

I wake up to the sound of some electronic music from years ago. We have gone back to real instruments now or if we haven't, things that sound like real instruments. Seconds later, I can consider standing up; my eyes are clear and what is around me can begin to coalesce. I dreamed some scientific theory but, like Coleridge, A Person From Porlock interrupted me, taking me away from the prize I thought "In The Bag". No drugs here though. This is just lack of sleep. Out of the spring that builds the land around here now, I walk with no direction though with some purpose. A rebirth this is, some refreshing draught of sweet, clean air, swept of the particulates that plague us in the crumbling cities, but here, it comes from the sea, from the mountains, frozen in the heights and wetted in the evaporation off lakes. I see new, clean, green leaves waving into white noise in the gentle breezes, sashaying across the view, there and back again, whispering something we cannot quite make out, something of love or friendship in this new land. It might be cold but you don't often get weather like this here.

I see people in the distance, two, a couple, a man and woman I make out as they get closer, here on a visit from somewhere less hospitable, dressed for summer and marvelling at how warm it is, as the ice forms on my ears and nose, making me shiver and rattle like a corpse a priori. We smile and laugh, tell the requisite anecdotes about how we got here and move on with goodbyes and promises to write. I never will and nor will they - the effort of trudging out here again too much for such scientists in such remote places. Now far off against the low sun, the slope of the hill extends their shadows to me, touching me across kilometres of empty space, though not empty, filled with this sweet air and icy cold. I love everybody at this moment, but they do not all love me. I anger some so much just by existing and cannot work out why. Just by being, I am an enemy. How do you make up your mind on that without being or going mad? My faults are the faults of my betters and that is enough. Toss ‘em all into the sea and we shall find out how clever they are then. Correct use of ellipsis is ….

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