Friday, June 17, 2005


Nice to see Ed back. Hello Ed! Hope the ankle's better.

I will be moving out of this office for the first time in 19 years sometime in the next few weeks. I will still be doing the same thing (though I have changed roles over the years here) but it will be a bit of a wrench. When I started here, this site included a large factory floor making electronic equipment. As part of the induction, I was taken down to the shop-floor and set to work overseeing label machines, just to get me - a Southern Jessy - used to to the Scouse wit and Irony. When I started my proper job after a few weeks I found it involved the data-capture systems on the shop floor and so I spent loads of time down among the machines and noise. I wandered past the shop-floor building the other day and peered in through one of the windows to see acres of empty space. Very sad! The building is sealed with no prospect of being used for anything at the moment.

Developments in telecoms mean that I can work for anyone without having to travel too far now. My last work involved systems in use at the other end of the country on a site I never visted. There is now the prospect of being able to work from home though Daughter and Son may make that difficult. We shall see.

Daughter goes up to the Juniors in the autumn. My wife can remember some of the teachers our daughter will have from when she was at the school some thirty years ago. This amazes her as she cannot remember those teachers as anything other than old. It is perfectly possible for a teacher in the Juniors to be only ten years older than the kids but all adults look 'old' to youngsters

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