Friday, January 07, 2005

A Good Day After All

Listening to Crooning On Venus

Today started out as one of those days where every small thing takes longer than normal because of slight under-estimations or simple perverse luck. Tea bags on the floor, laces which have knotted, Traffic lights all at red etc. After such a long run of these events I was convinced that the day was going to one long string of them. And then Radio 3 played Nagoya Marimbas which made me stop in the car in the car park until it had finished. There is something very satisfying about the sound of a Marimba, a deep sound which seems to resonate exactly with the human body. I know that sounds kinky but its more akin to a sense of tremendous well-being (the same sense you get when you feed the pigeons and sparrows apparently). And guess what? The day got better!

Lunchtime seems to be getting away from me here. I am trying not to think too much like Jim in Empire of the Sun but things keep suggesting themselves as good things to do and so go on the list. I still haven't managed to do anything about the programmable In C though I did have both the score and my How to Read Music book in the same hand at one point. Someone here keeps raving on about Half-Life 2 and how I should play it but I know that apart from kicking a few cans to check out how wonderful the physics engine is, I would have no time for it. At least a book is easy to pick up and read. This is just rambling isn't it? I look back at some of the archives and it is hard to see that I wrote them.

Och! Avey!

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