Saturday, January 07, 2012

Late Arrival to the debate

RAW Image Left - HDR Composite Right
At last I've managed to do some HDR merging. Now there is a debate about whether an HDR image created from edited RAW images based on a single RAW original count as true HD. Well the one above is from one image duplicated four times and exposed two stops under and two over. It's not quite like those gaudy images that clutter up the more gee-whizzy photo sites; it actually looks more real. The argument against this is that you can't drag more information out of an image than already exists but I always thought that RAW images contained the actual value of light which fell on the CCD and is processed into the stored images to simulate a film exposure. I may be wrong but it seems to work. I'm going to experiment with a comparison between a true set of five exposures and a single one to see what the final result is. Watch this space.

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