Monday, November 21, 2011

On The MetaVentriloqal

The Garden of Arthur "Two Hens" Jackson Yesterday
My mind is full of V. Poor jokes after watching Tim Vine's DVD The Punslinger yesterday, a disk with a very cool picture of the man himself on the front. As usual for TV's stuff - 2 minutes in and you wonder whether you'll be able to take such an awful parade of punning. 10 minutes in and it's drawn you down like a whirlpool with its never-ending stream of jokerage. And then you get hit by the genius of the Ventriloqusim section. I will not explain - just suffer a bit of google-tubing and find it for yourself - you will not be disappointed. One complaint from certain sections of the family is that the extras on this DVD are not as wonderful as such things as "Parade of Sport" or "Video Diary" but said Ventriloquism will more than make up for this.

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