Sunday, December 25, 2005

Don’t You Think He Looks Tired?

A very normal Christmas day has been had today. We lost the baby in the canyons of presents he had to negotiate opening before being able to play with the wrapping. We also spent a tense hour or two trying to work out which emergency number to ring when we noticed a large bruise on the roof of his mouth. All over-anxiousness was dissipated the next time we able to coax him to open his mouth do discover that the mark had vanished – something that tends to happen with felt-tip marks inside the mouth.

Daughter refused to watch Doctor Who but we all thought it was good. Number one Son was caught looking over his shoulder at our Christmas tree after the attack by the killer tree but didn’t seem too bothered.

As you can tell this is just to be able to say that I made an entry today and with the remote hope that the headline above means anything to anyone.

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Ed said...

The Boy received a dressing gown as one of his umpteen presents. Much coolness was bestowed on said item by The Christmas Invasion. Moral: always carry a satsuma.