Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It'd Be Funny If The Siren Went Now Wouldn't It?

In the face of all this VE day nostalgia, I have my own contribution to make.

(From 'The Victory Book' - Odhams Press 1945*)

If by any remote chance anyone who reads this knows anyone else in the photo PLEASE PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I don't know where exactly it was taken but it's somewhere in central London.

The young lady sitting on the bonnet of the car waving a flag is my aunt. This is the frontpiece to The Victory Book which is one of those wonderful Odhams press books with great pictures and great writing. It's actually mostly about the campaign which led up to VE Day. I am slightly bemused as to why one of the Keystone Cops is riding on the top of the car - the bloke in the pointy hat and with what appears to be a suspiciously bushy moustache. Just for interest as well, the film on show at the cinema in the background is The Fifth Chair (UK title) starring Fred Allen, Jack Benny and Don Ameche.

* Odhams are strange in that they don't put dates of publication in the copyright statement but I can be reasonably sure that this one was 1945.

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