Thursday, August 12, 2004

See You at Erwin's Coming-Out Party

Music is - for Eighteen Musicians.

I get annoyed by small things changing the way I see the day. I was happy enough this morning when I sat down here. In fact I was about to write what I thought would be some great poem and then just a tiny event, the knowledge of something imparted, made me so unhappy that I just shut down the document with the title of the poem on it and went off to read the paper and listen to MFEM again. I know these things should not get to me but the feelings they promote are like the Emitter on a transistor triggered by a tiny Collector. I should stop talking about it as this is making it all worse.

Read The Diameter of the Bomb and maybe things can be proportioned correctly. A killer Chord change and the truth. That other chord is redundant. Oh well. On to purgatory.

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