Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Something inspired in the State of Denmark

I don't know what it is but thirty years seem to have rewound off the spool today. There is probably something wrong chemically but I feel like I could be back in the Rose Garden (No running or shouting) which was tacked on to the side of my Junior School. Of course this is all to do with the start of the holidays, which for my daughter is tomorrow and means a lie-in for my wife. Number One Son may have something to say about lie-ins but he may sleep in the languid, early-morning air that you always get at this time. I was dangerously close to talking about the weather there when I should be telling you about the latest book.

I finally collapsed and bought Vernon God Little. I am afraid that there is a slight element of the car-crash writing that made me finish American Psycho just to see Bateman caught. He wasn't and is still at large working out his next move. Yesterday I found that despite wanting to pick up VGL at any spare moment, I did not find myself wanting the waster of a main character to get away. I don't really care at all about him. What I do care about is the bleeding-edge writing which is at times so far off the standard stuff these days as to be totally new. This is what Martin Amis wants to be but goes too far and ends up seeming cliché d through his almost manic avoidance of cliché. And then again, VGL sometimes has the treacle prose of something like On the Road or the rushing detailing of internal conversations that you find in Ulysses. I foresee myself throwing the book in disgust after the final paragraph but it should be an interesting few hours getting that wound up. I have not actually brought the book with me today and I just turned around to look for it. At least I am clear as to why the BBC put this book up against The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.

Why say Mandolin Twice?

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