Friday, March 02, 2012

Happy Birthday BBC4

Probably the Best Logo in the World
To be honest I'm not sure we even had a Digibox ten years ago when 11,000 people were witness to the start of BBC4 and I'm also not sure the type of viewer for this outstanding channel is prone to the exaggerations like that of being at The Free Trade Hall in June 1976 so I won't even try. However, when that little Thompson box came into our lives some months later (it still goes strong) I sat like a small boy, wondering at the sheer range of intellectual delights. It is therefore sad to see that whole university departments of programming are to be cut in order to save 20% on the budget. I may be well outside the target age range for BBC3 but I wonder why that entire channel of tat, trash and other things beginning with T* remains at all. Reith must possess more than his normal amount of Rotational Interment at present.

* It is of course National Alliteration Day and tonight I am off to The Eighth Annual Aintree Alliteration Awards.

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