Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Crab Canon

All of Human knowledge is a vital thing,
Increasing though all time is flat,
Stops clocks that halt invasion fleets,
Forever pulling back, tracer stalled mid trace,
The soldier falling falls no more,
Stolen from a lover once is now returned,
Uninjured in the breeching landing craft,
Demobbed across the seas to memories.

Hey boys! What gives you pause? How may we help you in these adventures? I’ll show a leg, the wife of a sailor saved by jaw and peace talks, a pretty leg across the edge of a bed lit by the oblique sun in the early morning back in some quiet county in some forgotten state. We’ll look inwards, point our minds at the calm interior and know we need never leave. All the day is a rising and sinking of seasons, the permanent end of war.

Called up to cross the seas to uncertainties,
Panting in the beaching landing craft,
Stolen from a lover now was once returned,
The soldier who now falls, was held,
Forever grinding on, tracer bright mid trace,
Starts clocks that call invasion fleets,
Increasing through all time knocked back,
All of Human knowledge lies, a forgotten thing.

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