Saturday, December 31, 2011

HDR Swag

Again - No Wooden Table - Meh of the Day
Back in the days when we lived in a cardboard box in the middle of the road and thought ourselves lucky not to wake up to ice in our boots, Christmas was a meagre, seventies affair. If we were lucky, the Turkey would just about stretch to covering the saucers which were all we had as dinner plates and the highlight of the presents was the latest leaflet in the rack at the library checkout. Not that it bothered me at all - I was just glad to have days away from the various Wackford Squeers wannabes at school, sitting between the curtains and the windows with some scientific tome, every so often glancing through the snow and fog at the distant road leading to the bright lights of Hanley Castle. We were happy and we were grateful to be alive.

Now we've returned to something similar to those late seventies times of austerity, it seems that I've swung so far the other way. And so we have this embarrassingly extravagant pile of stuff. Should keep me going until a major currency failure or the end of a calendar - whichever comes first.

PS. Please Mr Fry and Mr Schott - let's get back to normal next year hey!

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