Monday, May 24, 2010

Act Gaga - Gag a Cat

While trying to finish the second book above, the first one arrived. I struggled to avoid rushing the end of Mr. Maconie's surprisingly deep and not-twee-at-all volume and just about managed it. The new Kate Bush biography is just about the best rock biog I have read - well-researched, well written and packed with detail without being train-spotterish. After the previous biog of Kate Bush and the travesty that was Siren Rising, I was slightly wary but this is excellent. I did of course lap up the mysterious Kate Bush book by Fred Vermorel which was very good on creating a sort of very English atmosphere of thunder and green (from the cover onwards) but was I now realise very pretentious. This is the antidote to that. Read and digest with wonder.

And in the news as well this week, the revelation of the meaning of the Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes universe. And while it was quite obvious when all was made plain, it was still satisfying and needed no point-by-point analogy to remain consistent. Questioning details would be like asking why The Meerkat speaks with a Russian accent conveniently ignoring the fact that Meerkats don't ever speak at all in the real world. There are plenty of words elsewhere about the detail of LoM and A2A and you can read them if you like. It is probably more rewarding to sit back and muse on the atmosphere and the drama without bothering too much about detail. It is enough to say that the world is created in the head of a human being and if you can say that your view of the world is consistent with reality then congratulations and here's your list of locomotives to tick off.

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