Wednesday, November 03, 2004

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Listening to Throwing Muses 2003 - VERY LOUD

It seems that John Peel's Death has sparked a few lapsed bloggers back to work (you know who you are and don't blame the kitten). I am devastated in a way that I cant describe. I used to listen to Peely's show on a battered clock radio after I was supposed to be asleep. It faded in and out on Medium wave with Radio Moscow sometimes blocking it out on the worst nights. Can't say that I enjoyed everything he played and there was a time when the only stuff I thought worth listening to was the Reggae but over the years I grew to like more and more. Anyone who has heard of the Comsat Angels only knows them because of JP's show. Da da dum. Gone and never forgotten.

If only the devastating news of the US Pres. Elec. result prompted as much writing. Maybe it will.

We have been back in Malvern for a week, well actually in Upton-upon-Severn really. The new camera took a beating but I haven't got things together enough to post anything yet. I can't actually send files to the site I use from here so it has to be done from home. Maybe some next week. We were accompanied by my nephew for a lot of the time and for an eleven-year-old, he seems to chosen the role of protector-in-chief of number one son. We visited the Avoncroft building museum and he pushed the buggy round all the mud and hills without complaint or prompting. Avoncroft houses the National Telephone Kiosk Collection (restrain yourselves!) with each one linked by a working Strowger exchange. Now I know all about how Strowger works; this site is still know as the Strowger works; but I have never seen a live exchange in operation. I really need to put the picture I took up don't I? There is also a Tardis which was disappointingly slightly smaller on the inside than on the outside. Still, it did light up if you called it and there were plenty of people of a certain age humming the Dr Who theme or making Tardis schwusharghschwsharghhhhh noises. My daughter loved it - only slightly less so that I did.

All is still VERY LOUD.

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